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Application samples written using Delphi

I develop applications using DELPHI for many years. I works at Personal'88 and develop there P88-Firma package for accounting, HR, stock management. I am responsible for P88-Obrot - an application used for invoices, orders and stock management
I still develop those program at Personal'88.
Here are some examples of particular applications used for management of P88-Firma package.

Skrypciarz Modyfikator
Skrypciarz has to make a database script (MS SQL Server).
Rules for build script as as follows: programmers works on product database (source database). They can change database objects, add new objects, delete some of them etc. When it is required to generate a new version of P88-Firma package - main programmer runs Skrypciarz and it writes script of product database. this script is distributed with Modifikator application and with new P88-Firma package.
Modyfikator is an advanced application which try to modify database structure with all objects included with database (stored procedures, functions, views, tables, constraints, foreign keys etc.) This programm requires a database structer build by second application Skrypciarz
Modifikator can really rebuild each SQLServer database to its own structure using script build by Skrypciarz.
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