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Welcome to my Web Site

A small intro about me...

I have been dealing in computer science from.... oups, let's don't talk about the age. I mention that i started my adventure with computer science, when i was at school. My first computer was ZX Spectrum
I felt that a computer would be a deal for a whole life. I allways be interested in programming. At first - it was BASIC on ZX Spectrum, later at high school - Pascal and C/C++.

At work, when DOS operating system was used to in my company, i worked with Clipper language to write database application. From year 1999 i have been developing application under Microsoft Windows, at first using VBA (especially using MS Access), later - using Delphi, and now using C#.

As database system i have been choosen Microsoft SQL Server, so i also know SQL structured langugage.

What else besides programming?

Programming is a base of my job. Besides programming i like other computer based jobs.
So that at free time i also:

  • osCommerce e-shop configuration
  • web site designing (especially using C# and .NET technology)
  • Microsoft servers configuration (SQL Server, Windows Server)
  • VOIP telephony
  • computer service
  • ...

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